8 Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire in May

Total of 34 Palestinians – including nine children – have been killed in 2017, same report finds Eight Palestinians were killed -- including three children -- and another 580 injured by Israeli gunfire in the occupied Palestinian territories in May, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ...


  • Egypt: Rab’a... massacre of the coup
    Egypt: Rab’a... massacre of the coup

    Still continuing violations

  • PA arrests
    PA arrests

    Arrests do not stop in the Palestinian Authority area

  • Yemen war
    Yemen war

    More than 10 thousand victims of the outcome of the war in Yemen

  • Aleppo ..
    Aleppo ..

    Destroyed by the Syrian regime and the Russian bombardment

  • Gaza blockade lifted the poverty rate to 65%
    Gaza blockade lifted the poverty rate to 65%
    Israel has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip since mid-2006
  • In Lebanon
    In Lebanon

    Most of the Syrian refugees are living below the poverty line

  • Khan Sheikhoun ...
    Khan Sheikhoun ...

    Dozens Dead from Chemical Exposure in Syria
    Exposure after Aircraft Attacked  the Town of Khan Sheikhoun.... April 2017

  • Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners
    Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners

    The health of the 1,600 hunger striking Palestinian prisoners is in danger .... May 9, 2017

  • The Siege of Qatar
    The Siege of Qatar

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain cut ties to Qatar